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Return Policies

As a customer, I have high standards and expectations. As a small business owner, I stand behind my products and strive to provide products that I would be proud to use and say that I made myself.

I'll be honest with you if I have made a mistake on something, and I expect the same from my shoppers. I want happy, repeat customers, so if there's a problem - please contact me and we can work together on a solution.

Diapers and Clothing:

Damage* to snaps, elastics or seams will be repaired free of charge within 60 days of delivery.
Return shipping will be at the customer's expense however the product will be shipped back free of charge

*Relaxed elastics and snaps that have been damaged by misuse or by your appliances will be repaired, however there will be a charge for this service.

Please contact OMC immediately with any other issues before washing or putting product on your child.

Due to the intimate nature of mama cloth, OMC will not accept returns for used items.

If there is a defect in manufacturing, OMC will replace the item and return free of charge.

Returns will be a case-by-case decision. Please note I will not refund for change of mind.

Last Updated 18 January, 2016